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Empowering Education through “Community“


Coins for College is an innovative platform designed to assist parents in addressing the financial challenges posed by soaring college tuition fees. By leveraging the support of local businesses committed to making a positive impact in their communities, our platform has emerged to provide a mutually beneficial solution for everyone involved.

Students: Earn Scholarship Points for a Brighter Future

Coins for College presents a distinctive reward system called "Scholarship Points." Students accumulate these points by actively engaging with the CFC platform, such as maintaining daily attendance, completing assessments to pinpoint knowledge gaps, and using our extensive resource library to address those gaps. Scholarship Points offer colleges an insightful showcase of a student's educational progress from kindergarten to high school, allowing them to award scholarships more effectively.

Parents: Tackle College Costs with Tuition Coins (TUIT)

The #1 concern for parents regarding their child's educational journey is, "How do we pay for college?". Coins for College addresses this concern by providing parents with financial support through Tuition Coins (TUIT), a reward token used on the CFC platform, which they earn by encouraging their children's education and daily school attendance. These tokens can be saved and used for future college or trade school expenses.

Businesses: Boost Your Presence by Supporting Education

Coins for College presents a win-win situation for businesses seeking to expand their community presence and help families pay for college expenses. By purchasing sponsorships on the CFC platform, businesses provide crucial support to families in meeting their college costs. Parents receive text and email notifications that display the local business's name and their contribution, establishing strong connections and boosting the business's image and customer loyalty. By supporting education and actively improving the community, businesses can leverage the CFC platform to achieve both their philanthropic and marketing goals.

Schools and School Districts

Coins for College addresses two of the most significant challenges faced by schools today


Student Attendance


Parental Engagement

  • Our platform assists schools in improving attendance by tracking it and offering incentives through the Scholarship Points reward system. This encourages students to attend school regularly and engage with the platform consistently.

  • Furthermore, the Coins for College platform facilitates increased parental engagement by directly involving them in their child's educational journey. As parents participate in the platform and receive financial support for their children's future educational expenses, they become more invested in their child's academic progress.

  • This active involvement not only enhances parent-student relationships but also contributes to the overall success of students, ultimately benefiting schools in the long run.


A new way for K-12 parents to access college funding.


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