Helping School Administrators
Improve Student Learning by Bringing Learning to Life

Many low-income and minority students enter school at an academic disadvantage. Coins For College aims to prepare elementary students for middle school, to prepare middle school students for high-school courses, and to prepare high school students for college and careers.

Districts must create educational conditions that will foster motivation of all groups of students to learn at higher levels. Students bring a wide array of cultural backgrounds and unique learning needs to the classroom. To successfully address these needs, school administrators must find way to provide the necessary resources for all students and develop working relationships with parents and community outside of school, which can lead to more authentic learning opportunities for students.

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Coins For College is taking a multi-dimensional approach towards helping School administrators

Here's How it Works

Step 1

Your principal purchases a school subscription, giving every teacher immediate access to the resources they need.

Step 2

Print resources for in-person instruction or create interactive assessments, lessons, and lesson plans for students to complete on their devices using our learning center. Resources can be sent to students online.

Step 3

See what resources your colleagues are using and explore school-wide trends — all through your online account.


Helping Students see the purpose in what they're learning

Scholarship Points are an innovative, transparent, and equity driven way to finance students' college and career pathways on a global scale independent of their present geographical and economical position and prioritizing the needs of marginalized and oppressed populations.

Coins For College is about empowering students to gain real skills that directly apply to the world outside and provide hope for a brighter future.

Bringing students back to school

Our nation's efforts to provide a quality education to all children are threatened by startling rates of chronic absenteeism. Absenteeism detracts from learning and is a proven early warning sign of academic risk and school dropout. Coins for College long term goal is to reduce the drop out rate and increase overall attendance for all students. Coins For College addresses chronic absenteeism as a key opportunity to make a profound positive impact on children's lifelong learning by engaging students and rewarding them for simply showing up. Students from our partner schools are awarded Scholarship Points each day they attend school. The more consecutive days students are present the higher the reward.


Re-examining new ways to support teachers and improve teacher retention

School is very different today and is becoming even more complex, which is why teachers need to be agents of change, Their roles are quickly evolving.

Being a change agent means leaning into possibility. Giving teachers autonomy and voice about listening to others, learning from what is being said, and leading by taking action together is powerful. Teacher leaders make a difference by supporting equity and quality education for all students when they become content contributors on the Coins For College Platform and receive compensation for the hard work they already do every day. Teachers who find opportunities to lead and are rewarded are able to create meaningful career pathways and stay in education.

Increase Positive Student Behaviors by encouraging student ownership of learning

It's hard to teach someone who does not want to learn. Schools administrators and principals spend a lot of their valuable time managing discipline which is not the best use of their skill set. Coins For College wants to address behavioural problems by replacing external force on students with an internal drive to embrace and take ownership of their own education.


A modern OER Content Database

Traditional Open Educational Resource platforms are lacking when it comes to to user experience and the quality of content present in their database. We have a native OER database where for the first time all of the educational resources are

Standardized Learning Records

A standardized learning record can serve as a metric for educational institutions to measure and analyze students’ experiences, showcase student learning from a variety of experiences, including academic courses, co-curricular engagements, and other opportunities Digital records will help students describe the depth and breadth of their learning and increase the equality of opportunity for students from anywhere in the world.


A new way for K-12 parents to access college funding.

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