in Alignment with SDG 4

Empowering Education, One Task at a Time

Coins for College actively contributes to various targets within SDG 4, including access to education, equitable learning opportunities, empowerment of marginalized groups, fostering lifelong learning, community engagement, and promoting educational innovation.
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Foster children are more likely to have experienced trauma, more likely to switch schools, and are more likely to drop out of high school.

barriers to educational success

Research indicates that marginalized children are more likely than their non-foster care peers to be absent from school, have special education needs, and to experience traumatic life events. In turn, they are also less likely to graduate high school and to attend/graduate from college.

Although 84% of underprivileged youth express a desire to attend college, only 20% of those actually enroll in college.

Need for Coins For college

Globally over 70% of students lack a bachelor's degree

In some countries, almost 9 out of every 10 students have completed high school or have an equivalent degree. However, only 1 out of every 5 people there have achieved a bachelor's degree or a similar type of education.
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Coins for College promotes access to quality education by providing a platform where children, especially those from marginalized backgrounds such as foster care, can engage in educational tasks and earn scholarship points, thus facilitating access to inclusive and equitable education.

Innovation in scholarships (Target 4.B)

By facilitating connections between businesses, philanthropists, and children in need, Coins for College actively supports the target of expanding scholarships for developing countries, ensuring that all learners have access to affordable and quality higher education opportunities.

Lifelong Learning (Target 4.6)

Through continuous engagement and encouragement of learning, the app fosters a culture of lifelong learning among children, promoting their intellectual curiosity and personal growth beyond formal education settings, in line with the target of ensuring all learners acquire knowledge and skills for sustainable development.

Fostering Futures

Our commitment to Coins for College goes beyond points and rewards; it’s about empowering foster care children with the belief that education can be a transformative force. Every task completed is a step toward a brighter future, and together, we're building a community that champions their potential and dreams.
Joshua Samuel