Coins For College provides a pathway to higher education for ALL students by incentivizing them with Scholarship Points that they earn for consistent attendance and completing additional assessments on the Coins for College platform.

Scholarship Points are a comprehensive set of educational data points collected from a student's K-12 journey, which colleges can use to make informed admission decisions and provide scholarships accordingly through the Coins for College platform.


LTI Based Attendance Rewards

Coins for College motivates students to attend school, participate in learning, and reach performance goals in turn guiding them towards a successful path to higher education through gamification.

Coins for College collaborates with schools to bridge communication gaps and enhance partnerships with parents.

Parent Engagement & Automation

Coins for College gathers real-time student attendance data and analyzes it to recognize attendance patterns, categorizing them into three levels of need

Tier 1

  • Students earn Scholarship Points for each day of attendance through the Coins for College platform.

  • Parents will receive automated weekly updates on their child's attendance and their accumulated Scholarship Points balance.

  • At the end of each school year, schools verify student attendance through their SIS (Student Information System).

Tier 2

  • Students missing over 5 consecutive days of school face an increased risk of falling behind in fundamental skills. These students will receive notifications through Coins for College to prompt action along with their parents.

Tier 3

  • Studies indicate that students who miss 15 or more days of school have a higher likelihood of dropping out compared to those who maintain consistent attendance.

  • To help these students get back on track, a meeting with a school administrator is scheduled to discuss an attendance improvement plan and provide guidance to both the student and parent.

Paperless College Application for Your Students

Accurate attendance records are crucial when applying to colleges or higher education programs. Coins for College provides immediate access to validated attendance records obtained directly from students' previous schools' SIS for complete accuracy.

LTI Interoperability

Our Attendance Rewards module can be accessed from any Learning Management System (LMS) that uses LTI standards, making it simple for teachers and administrators to incorporate the app into their system without extensive technical knowledge or support. Coins For College enables districts to efficiently monitor students who miss school, calculate the extent of absences, and collaborate with students and parents to enhance their overall performance.

Coins For College allows districts to easily track students who are missing school, determine how much school they’ve missed, and engage with students & parents to improve overall attendance.
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“One of the biggest challenges facing students planning for college today is how they can afford to go to school. Digital currency will transform education in the future just by giving students more opportunities to earn money in different ways. One of the questions educators get from students, “Why do I need to learn this?” but now we can point them to Coins For College. Students can see an actual link between the work they are doing, and the assessments they are taking, and then watch their coin count rise which expands the availability of funds they can use for college.”

Anthony Luis, Vice Principal,

Cornerstone Christian School

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Recommended for Schools and School Districts who need innovative solutions to solve chronic absenteeism among students


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School SIS integration and automated attendance verification

School level attendance reports generator with granular control

Attendance Rewards for individual classes

Detailed Student Academic Rating Report


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Coins for College is aimed at closing the educational divide globally by giving everyone a chance to contribute to a student's future education. Our goal is to provide equal access to higher education for all, regardless of background or circumstances. We are building a community of passionate educators who believe in their ability to make a positive impact on students' lives. With Coins for College, we strive to eliminate the mental, financial, and academic obstacles that prevent students from accessing college education.


A new way for K-12 parents to access college funding.

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