For Students

1. How do I create an account?

Students are restricted from creating an account themselves on our platform, instead parents can create their student account from their registered account.

2. How does Coins for College help me?

Coins for College helps students by providing scholarship points against their activities such as watching videos, taking assessments etc. These scholarship points can be redeemed by students at the time of their college admission.

3. What is the value of scholarship points?

The scholarship points can be redeemed for admission to colleges listed on our website once the student has completed k-12 education.

4. When can I start learning through Coins for College?

A student can start learning through CFC as soon as an account is created on the platform by parents.

5. Are coins for college a govt. organisation?

No, we are not a govt. organisation.

6. How do I watch a video?

Choose a topic of your interest either by navigating through the content or using our ‘Search’ feature and select a video that you would want to watch.

7. How much Scholarship points do I get for watching video?

For every video that you watch, you get 10 scholarship points.

8. Does Scholarship point mean real money?

Scholarship Points aren’t real money, the scholarship points can only be redeemed for admission to colleges that are listed on the platform.

9. Can I download videos from website?

No, the videos aren’t downloadable.

10. Why is there an option for attendance in dashboard?

The attendance features let you track your attentiveness to the platform.

11. Is my report shared with my parents?

Parents can always view the activities of students registered under their account.

For Teachers

1. Who can become an educator on coins for college?

Anyone who is involved in teaching either through offline or online teaching can become an educator at CFC.

2. What are the different methods to earn through coins for college?

Educators get rewarded for posting content (Study Guides, Videos, Slideshows, and assessments) on the platform. The reward is given in ‘Tuition Coins’ which can be converted in real money through a crypto exchange.

3. Does tuition coin have a monetary value?

The value of one Tuition Coin is 0.02 USD

4. Why do I need to go through KYC process?

It is for the hassle-free redemption of Tuition coins through exchanges.

5. Can I redeem the Tuition Coin to FIAT?

Yes, Tuition Coins can be redeemed to FIAT currencies through exchanges.

6. Why do I see student profile in my account?

An educator can create student profiles for anyone whom they would want to learn through the platform.

7. Can students connect with a teacher directly?

No a student Can not connect with a teacher directly, however, if a student wants, he/she can ask questions to the teacher by tagging them to a question they post.

8. When can I make the first withdrawal?

The first withdrawal can be made after reaching a wallet value of 1000 TC, given an educator is KYC verified.

9. How frequently can I withdraw Tuition Coins?

The TCs can be withdrawn thrice a month.

10. Is my personal information safe with CFC?

We do not store any of your personal data on our platform.

11. Can I upload my own videos and content to the platform?

Yes, we appreciate people uploading their own content on the platform.

12. How can I upload my own content?

You can use the same method to upload your own content as well as there is no change in the process.

13. Is the content review process mandatory to publish my content on CFC?

To maintain high quality content, we have made it mandatory to review a content before you can publish any content on the platform.


Coins For College compensates educators for helping K-12 students go to college


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