Tuition Coins ($TUIT) power the Coins For College reward systems for Educators

Educators create, curate, and add educational resources to the Coins for College library to help students. Content creators receive Tuition Coin Governance Tokens in exchange for their efforts.


Educators Reserve

teacher reserve

60 billion TUITs (60% of total supply) have been reserved just for educators who will be rewarded for creating assessments, learning resources, and any other engagement parameters defined by the TUIT Governance Community.

teacher reserve

Tuition Coin Governance Token (TGT)

In a bid to make TUIT a currency for the masses, a governance platform will be launched by the end of November 2023. To be able to participate in the decision making process, one must hold TUIT Governance Tokens (TGT).


Starting February 2023, educators will earn TUIT Governance Tokens proportionate to their contribution to the resource library at the rate of 1 TGT per piece of approved content.

Early adopters make the most of our reward system

The rate of earning of TGT will be halved giving some leverage to the early adopters in regards to the control of the whole ecosystem and will keep getting halved every subsequent year, unless the community decides to make an amendment to this policy.

  • Educators will start receiving Tuition Coins from the first quarter of 2024. Members of TUIT Governance will determine the total annual supply and will be the first to receive TUITs.
  • Educators will also be rewarded with Tuition Coin airdrops based on their TGT holdings, and only the early adopters will earn TGT at the maximum rate.
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Teacher Roadmap

Coins For College compensates educators for helping K-12 students go to college


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