Short-term Rewards For Long-term Goals

Earn Scholarship Points for learning and chores, redeem for rewards, aiding college readiness and financial support.

Revolutionizing the way parents engage with their children’s education!

Parents can create fun and educational tasks for their kids, who earn scholarship points upon completion. These points unlock a world of rewards, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation for continuous learning.

Empowering Higher Education

Every Scholarship Point earned brings your child one step closer to higher education. ‘Coins for College’ is not just an app; it’s a companion in your child’s journey towards academic success.

Monetary Aid and Sponsorships

Opens doors to monetary aid and sponsorships from our esteemed partners, including local businesses and philanthropists. Your child’s educational journey receives the support it deserves!

Community Collaboration

We believe in the power of communities coming together. Partnering with local businesses and community sponsors, we create a network that actively contributes to the educational well-being of every child.

Foster Care Connection

Coins for College facilitates meaningful connections between foster care agencies and children. Stay informed about educational milestones, personal growth, and more, creating a supportive community for foster care children.

Claim Your Rewards

Redeem points for real-world benefits and make learning a rewarding experience!

Scholarship Points

Reward children for educational tasks

Children can redeem rewards using Scholarship Points.

Scholarship Points act as a metric for a child’s engagement with the app.

Pick a college and follow their estimated SP requirement target.

Goal based task management to build a trajectory towards higher education.

Redeem points for real-world benefits and make learning a rewarding experience!